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A Call to Action: Let’s Deploy the Secret Weapon the Abortion Industry Most Fears


It’s a national tragedy, there are over a million abortions each year in these United States. Those whoseek to protect life are under attack by the abortion industry and our own government. This is the frontlineof war between the forces of light and those of death. As Knights of Columbus, we stand with the lightof Christ, in defense of the weakest in our society, the unborn.


Brother Knights, it’s time to go on the offensive. We cannot be complacent. It’s time to take the fightstraight to the enemy in defense of the defenseless. We are warriors in the service of our Lord and arecalled to serve. We are called to stand bravely against the forces of evil.


The Light and Life Mobile Ultrasound Project is one of the weapons that the abortion industry most fears.It takes the fight right to the doorstep of the enemy. Light and Life in partnership with Culture of LifeFamily Services (COLFS) and Birth Choice will deploy a mobile ultrasound clinic in San Diego Countyin 2016.


Mobile ultrasound has the potential to quadruple the number of babies we can save, and the numberof lives we can protect from the regret of abortion.


We feel blessed and honored to ask you to stand with us and join the fight to make this Life Saving Opus4 Mobile Ultrasound Project happen! Brother Knights, we need your help!


The Geography Problem

The abortion industry has spread tentacles of death throughout San Diego County. They target the poorestcommunities with slick advertising campaigns and the backing of our tax dollars.


Pro-life crisis pregnancy centers such as COLFS, Birth Choice and many others offer positive alternativesto women; providing free ultrasounds, support and care to women who choose life. But they are limitedby geography; brick and mortar facilities are most effective only in their own neighborhoods.


We know if an abortion-intent woman views an ultrasound of her unborn baby, she is highly likely tochoose life. The challenge is to get her through the doors of the pregnancy resource center or medicalclinic to see the developing life inside her body.


Taking the Fight to the Frontlines: A Game Changer

Mobile ultrasound changes the game. A mobile ultrasound clinic can go where the women in crisispregnancies are, eliminating the significant hurdle of having to find us. More babies will be saved andmore families will receive life-changing assistance.


The mobile ultrasound can go to where the young mothers and fathers are: malls, beaches, colleges, highschools … and abortion clinics. A woman headed for an abortion will be able to have a pregnancy testand see an ultrasound of her baby before she even gets close to the door of the abortion clinic.


Mobile ultrasound is our secret weapon that takes the battle straight to the enemy’s doorstep!

With the Light and Life sponsored mobile ultrasound clinic, COLFS and Birth Choice can serve up to four times the number of women that traditional brick-and-mortar pregnancy resource centers can. That’s four times the number of babies saved each year; literally hundreds of additional lives saved.


Together We Can Make It Happen: A Call to Action

The Light and Life Opus 4 chassis is currently being modified by Save the Storks. It will be ready for deployment by summer 2016 for operation by COLFS and Birth Choice. This vehicle will save literally hundreds of babies every year.


We urgently need your help by March 27th, Easter Sunday, to make the Opus 4-Mobile Ultrasound Project a Life-Saving Reality!


Whether you can afford to make a contribution of $10,000, $1,000 or $100, every donation counts! All donations go directly to fund the Opus 4 Light and Life Mobile Clinic for COLFS and Birth Choice. 


We can’t put a price on a life, but we must do all that we can to save lives. May God abundantly bless you and thank you for your generosity.

The light shines on in the darkness, a darkness that did not overcome it.” John 1:5 


Respectfully and fraternally yours,

SK George Delgado, MD
Medical Director
Light and Life Opus 4
Mobile Ultrasound Women’s Clinic


SK Rene Trevino
Knights of Columbus
San Diego Chapter President

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